I have been a bit concerned with the what we are watching on TV and the way we consume media in our household. There have been countless occasions where we have watched the same show 5+times and often 2+ times in the same week. Not only that, but on many occasions I don’t even think we were fully aware of what we were even consuming or how long we were actually watching.

As a result, my wife and I decided to do a little experiment, and go cable free and try a different approach to consuming content on our TV.

About a week ago I purchased Apple TV for our family. Essentially Apple TV is a tiny box that you plugs into your TV and allows you to stream content from your computer to the TV, play iTunes content, watch NetFlix, YouTube and much more. I costs just under $120 CDN and there are no monthly fees aside from the ones you sign up for.

We decided to sign up for NetFlix, which is free for the first month, and costs only $7.99/month after that. We also decided that we would allot a certain amount each month to purchasing movies and TV shows and music from iTunes.

Even with this factored in, we stand to save between $40-$50 per month on our previous cable bills.

The NetFlix has been fabulous so far. No more commercials and we can watch pretty much what we want when we want. We now decide as a family what we will consume and are not just simply leaving the TV on all day for noise. NetFlix has quite a bit of content for kids and I am really happy to see them not watching the same episodes time after time.

I am really not missing being bombarded by commercials and content I didn’t ask for.

After one week of this, I don’t think I could go back. Stay tuned for future posts.