I specialize in creating world class interactive applications that revolve around education, children, health and the environment. I believe that mobile devices like the iPad are revolutionizing education and computing and I’d like to be a part of projects that share this outlook. Here are a few samples of some of my past projects.

Do Bugs Need Drugs

I was brought in to help create some fun educational games that teach kids the importance of proper hand-washing and educate about the proper use of antibiotics. Did you know you can cut down your odds of getting sick by over half by washing your hands properly with regular soap?


Street of Dreams – Brain Game

I was brought in to architect and build the original prototype for this brain game. Did you know that there is scientific evidence to support the use of games to promote improved brain fitness?


Joe Rock – Interactive Book Engine for the iPhone

I was the lead iPhone developer and technical architect for one of the first cutting edge interactive story content engines for the iPhone.


Supiki – English to Go

I was the lead iOS architect for the prototype and first release of this application to the App store. This revolutionary language training App uses a cutting edge speech recognition solution to allow you to have real practice conversation with your phone!



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