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My Process

Over the past decade I have worked to put together a very unique and effective development process that I call the Iterative Phased Approach. My approach ensures the continuous delivery of value throughout the course of a project, that the process is responsive to change and helps to also greatly reduces risk for both the developer and the client.

How the Iterative Phased Approach Works


  1. The first step of the process involves an initial meeting/discussion with the client regarding the nature of the project. In this step, I evaluate you and your project to determine if it’s something I’m interested and able to take on. I have a look at your ideas, your time line, budget and experience in order to determine if things are a good fit for both myself and the client. While there are lots of clients with ideas and plans for the next million dollar App, I have to be very selective about the projects I take on.


  1. Once I have chosen to take on your project and received the initial retainer for the first phase, I sit down with the you and assist in developing a plan for the design, development and launch of your App. This usually taking on the form of design, development and marketing documents that will be utilized throughout the entire duration of the project. This process enables us to get a birds eye view of the entire project and allows me to work with the client to break things down into a series of smaller steps which I refer to as phases.

Phase Initiation

  1. Once a phase has been clearly defined and expectations have been clearly documented and communicated, a retainer for the phase is supplied to the developer to execute and initiate the development process for this phase. One of the unique aspects of my development process is that change is both expected and encouraged throughout the project. While working through the requirements and tasks for any given phase, new information will arise, obstacles will be encountered and new ideas will surface. An iterative approach allows the project to continually adapt and make use of new information and better ideas as they arise. In this manner, a project evolves as it goes along, adding more and more value as each phase progresses.

Phase Completion

  1. Upon completion of a phase, once the requirements of the phase are complete, the client and developer will assess what has been learned and make an course corrections that need to be made for the next phase. Note that the developer and client are under now obligation to continue on to the next phase. In this manner it crucial for the developer to demonstrate and deliver value to the client and it is up to the client to treat the developer with respect and engage with them in a professional and responsible manner.

Project Completion and App Store Submission

  1. Project completion signifies that all the phases of a project have been completed. If the client has requested my help I will assist them in the process of submitting their App to the Apple App store.

Project Maintenance and Updates

  1. Mobile Apps will always require some form of maintenance and updates throughout their lifetime. Clients often retain my services after the project is complete to assist in maintaining and updating their App


  1. How much will my project cost.

To be quite honest if cost is your primary/only factor in choosing a developer for your project, I’m probably not the right person. I think a better question for you to be asking is how much value are you looking to have added to your project. Are you looking for a little value or a lot?

If you are not looking to add significant value to your project I would question your reasons for creating it in the first place. I pride myself on the value I am able to contribute to all the projects I take on and the clients I work with. More valuable projects will indeed cost something, but when it comes to value, you get what you pay for. Value added iOS projects can range from $30,000 to well over $100,000.

  1. Why do you reserve the ability to reuse code and knowledge on future projects?

I’ve spent over 10 year developing and perfecting my skills and knowledge. The reason I can add some much value to your project and save you time stems directly from what I’ve learned. If I learn something new or gain a new skill on a project, I need to be able to re-leverage this. Not only does this benefit you, but other projects I take on in the future. Because I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time I can save my clients a lot of time and money.

  1. Why are phase payments due at the start of any given phase?

After over a decade of experience working on freelance projects I have found this is the most equitable and effective way to deal with project payments. By breaking up the entire project into a number of smaller manageable phases, each phase requires only small portion of the project to be advanced at each step. By receiving these small payments up front, the client can clearly demonstrate their commitment to the project and the developer can demonstrate the ability to delivery exceptional value. The client is not obligated to start a new phase unless they feel their getting great value.

  1. How long will my project take?

It really depends on the nature of what your project involves and what my current schedule is like. The more complex and involved a project is, the more time it will generally take. Does your project require database integration? Will it need to be tied into back end systems? Will in run on both iPhone and iPads? All of this can add time to a project. As a general guideline, most basic project will take up to 3 months to complete and more sophisticated projects can take up to 6 months or more.

  1. Why do you want to know about the clients experience, funding and people engaged in the project?

To be honest, while there are thousands of clients out their with an idea for what they believe may be the next million dollar App, I have to be choosy. I need to evaluate what I think the chances of success are for any given project, the resources that are available for it and the what opportunities it has to expand my skills and knowledge. Generally I’m looking for clients with a well thought out idea and plan, who have some understanding of the mobile space and iOS platform. If the project is not a good fit, or my gut says no, on occasion I have to say no.

  1. Why should you choose me?

According to my clients, the primary reasons I am chosen to work on projects revolve around my unique experience, knowledge, commitment and honesty. I have over 10 years of hands on interactive and application development experience, with over 3 years of this focused specifically on iOS SDK application development. I am also actively engaged in teaching the next generation of iOS developers via a college course I run at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the iOS SDK, Objective-c and creating Apps for the iPhone and iPad. When I commit to taking on a project I am dedicated to assisting my clients to succeed in whatever way I can. Finally, my clients are continually telling me that they are both impressed and refreshed by my openness and candour with them when working on their project. They appreciate the time and care I take to help educate and help them understand the complexities of developing iOS Apps. The appreciate my ability to provide them with my honest and open opinions and not simply tell them what they want to hear.


iOS Application Architect / Project Consultant (iPhone/iPad)

Are you gearing up a significant iOS project? A lot of companies take on students ,non experts or non iOS developers to work on their projects. In addition, many clients I have encountered do not have any real expertise in mobile development, but are engaged in a mobile projects.

iOS development is a complex, time consuming and risky undertaking. Relying on non experts to implement your project can ensure your project will be ineffective. You need someone who has a deep understanding of the iOS platform, it’s API’s and the iOS development process. What you really need on your team is a good iOS project consultant.

An iOS project consultant is a expert on the iOS platform. In addition being a master developer and technical architect, and iOS project consultant can advise and guide your team and save countless hours of frustration and wasted time in addition to the cost savings.

I am also able to bridge the gap between engineering and business and have helped run several start-ups over the past decade.  I help clients see the big picture and architect technical solutions that help them get to where they need to go.

I can be brought on board your team for as little as 4-5 hours a week on a monthly retainer. This gives companies access to high level expertise to assist them in making better decisions, navigating complex technology issues and assistance in helping to ensure their project stays on course.

I specialize in projects that relate to kids, health, the environment and education. If you are starting an exciting project that just may change the world, drop me a line.

Referral Fee 

Refer a project/client to me and if they sign off on a contract, I’ll reward you with up to       10% of the project fee.

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iOS Master Trainer (Vancouver)

Is your company starting to develop your own internal mobile development team. Getting up to speed on the iOS platform and Objective-c can be a time consuming, confusing and difficult process. Most developers will take at least a year to develop competence on the platform on their own.

Finding skilled and available iOS developers can be next to impossible, leaving many companies no choice but to cultivate their own internal talent.

If you don’t have time to waste and want to get your team ramped up quickly on the iOS platform, why not bring in an expert level iOS Trainer?

I am an expert level iOS architect and Master trainer with over 10 years of college level training experience. I currently offer a 1 week bootcamp designed to get you and your team up to speed in the shortest period of time.

I currently offer a 1 week bootcamp designed to get you and your team up to speed in the shortest period of time.

The training typically takes place from Monday to Friday with approximately 6 hours of training per day, for a total of 30 training hours for the week.

The packages includes training for 3 – 5 participants, with the ability to add additional participants for $200/day to a maximum of 10 students in total.

I can do the training on site if you are in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland. If your organization is located outside this area, travel and hotel expenses would be added to the total training cost.

If you and your organization are interested in arranging a private onsite iOS bootcamp, drop me a line and let me now the details (when, where, number of participants).


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